Tablets Make Sales Easier for Casper Businesses

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Businesses everywhere are investing in a new trend to help with customer transactions.

Portable tablets are replacing cash registers, for a smoother and more convenient payment method. Business owners are raving about how easy it is for them to make a customer transaction...And say they'll never go back to an old fashioned cash register.

Jacquie Anderson, owner of Jacquie's Bistro, says "people love it. I mean, the general populous love it. We just have some people that aren't used to it, but then they think it's really cool."

Anderson says she's not only able to conduct a sale with the app...But she can also see times when she's done the most business and manage her accounting needs.

A tablet can cost anywhere from $400-600, including the app and attachment for swiping a credit card...Whereas the typical point of sale system would cost a business about $12,000.

Anderson, "my total investment in this deal has been $500."

And tablets also allow for a greener business.

Amy Schicketanz, owner of Straight Line Vapors, says, "we don't print any receipts whatsoever. Our customers can decide if they want it sent to them in email or text message form, and what that also does for like warranty type programs, is you don't have to worry about keeping that receipt for thirty or sixty days."

For every credit card swipe, the app's manufacturer can charge the business up to two-point-75 percent... compared to some banks who are able to charge more than double that amount.
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