Super Bowl Safety

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CASPER, WY - On Sunday, The Seahawks and Broncos will go head to head in at the Metlife Stadium.

"We're just going to watch and enjoy, eat popcorn and snacks. I’m rooting for the broncos," said Quinton Kidd of Casper

It’s Americas’ most anticipated sporting event and Casper police are making preparations.

They advise you remember to play safe this weekend or you may get more than a penalty flag.

"We'll have full staff and we'll also have some additional officers as well specifically looking for DUIs. Their enforcement actions will just be driving the streets looking for impaired drivers," said Crime Prevention Officer Joe Nickerson.

Officials say its best stay at one party rather than party hop, especially with alcohol in your system.

"Drink responsibly. If you’re going to attend a party make sure you have a designated driver or a safe ride home or call a local cab company. Use our safe ride program too. There are free vouchers for a free rides home," said Safe Communities Program Director Pam Evert.

The safe ride program is available at all alcohol businesses around Casper.

"The bar owner or server can issue them a safe ride voucher,” said Officer Nickerson. “They'll give that to a cab driver and give them the free ride home. The cab company turns that voucher into us. We pay that cab company back.”

If you need to, step in on a friend who may have had to many drinks, but play nice.

"Domestic violence and just regular assault calls tend to go up during sporting events and after. Particularly is if the hometown looses," said Officer Nickerson. "We love our teams we love to root for them. It’s not serious enough that anyone should get hurt over."

Police say they anticipate a busy weekend.

"With the broncos being in the super bowl this year. It’s going to probably be a big celebratory year for Casper,” said Officer Nickerson. “Wyoming doesn't have a professional football team. A lot of people in Casper consider Broncos the hometown team."

Officers recommend shutting off the alcohol after the third quarter and instead serve dessert and coffee.

Safe Communities wants to remind you that partying without a designated driver is like going into a huddle without a quarterback.

If you are driving, remember a seat belt is your best defense against a drunk driver.