Study Says Wyomingites Among Best at Loving America

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Do you love America? Do bleed red, white, and blue? Are you a patriot? If the answer to all of those is yes; you probably live in Wyoming.
A new study ranks Wyoming the fourth most patriotic state in the nation. It turns out like myself many Wyomingites love being American. While all over Casper people show their patriotism in many ways, but overall they say they appreciate their freedom.
Ronda Hanson a proud American said, "I think Wyoming as a state is very patriotic. As you can see all the flags, and people are wearing red, white, and blue."
And Movoto Real Estate researchers agree, but why do Wyomingites think they are more patriotic than the rest of the country?
Hanson said, "We're like one of the last free states and I think it's important that we stick up for our rights."
Lexy Harris, a Wyomingite who appreciates liberty said, "People in Wyoming are very traditional and do really appreciate our freedom and liberty"
American Patriot Robert Fogle said, "Most of the rest of the country has lost that."
Fogle said locals aren't just prideful in their country, but in themselves.
Fogle said, "Most people in Wyoming are dedicated to what they do and how they live their lives."
A big factor in the rankings is how many veterans live here in Wyoming and how much support they receive. And military service is another thing Wyomingites appreciate.
Obe Kiggans, a lover of freedom said, "This country stands for freedom. Yeah we make mistakes, but I think we try to spread that freedom."
Now many people here say loving America starts with learning about America.
Harris said, "We're kind of reading a little history about our independence today at our party, with the little kids with some story books."
And our country's history, is our history.
Aly Szymczek, the granddaughter of a WWII veteran said, "I had a grandpa who fought in world war two, and he had lots of friends who lost their lives so that we can be free in this country. and it means a lot to me."
Other factors for the high ranking the state received is the amount historical landmarks are in Wyoming, and voter turn out. The only states ranked higher than Wyoming are North and South Carolina, and Maine.