Students bring Drive-in Theater Experience to Casper

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'Well, we're having another DriveBy Drive-In Movie. We had one a couple weeks ago and it was very well attended so we were thinking that we could double the size of the screen and then see how it looks, and it looks pretty good I think," says Lance Crain, director of Firefly Hackerspace.

"Just finished it about five minutes before people started showing up," says Crain with a laugh.

"We're not really a company. We're just doing it for fun. We can't really afford paying the licensing fees to the studios for newer movies so we're showing public domain movies that do not have a copyright and there's a lot of gems like 'Night of the Living Dead' is probably in my top ten favorite movies ever and that's the one we did last time," Chase Gillins, says an employee at DriveBy Drive-In.

"The very first person here on the very first night we did it [...] parked right up front to the projector and got out and was so excited. She said, 'I seen this movie back in the old days. I just wanted to come out and see it again at a drive in. I haven't been to a drive in in years, and it makes me feel like a kid,' We hadn't even started yet. I hadn't even pressed play yet and was like, alright, we're doing a good thing. This should be happening," Gillins says.

"You know the problem with the theaters in Wyoming, the drive in theaters in Wyoming, is that it's snowing half the year. Or it's too cold to sit in your car all day or for two hours especially when it gets dark," says Crain, about the setbacks of drive-in movie theaters in the state.

He continues, "I don't really have any intention of opening a full time drive-in mainly because it would be closed six months out of the year."

"You're so segregated in your automobile out here. Your in your own world and I think that's the reason people like it. If they want the movie louder they can turn the movie up and if they don't want to hear it as loud, they can shut themselves in," says Gillins regarding the good things the drive-in theater offers.

He continues, "We're not expecting to do it here all the time. That was why it's called 'DriveBy Drive-In.' It's supposed to change locations but it just got so big so quickly."

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