Students and Patriot Guard Riders Post Flags Together

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A group of junior high students and patriot guard riders gathered Saturday morning to show their support for fallen heroes.

For nearly ten years, Dean Morgan junior high school students have gathered at cemeteries in the area, to put flags in the ground in honor of those who have died for our country.

“Patriotism, love of country, love of God, is a thing that we really push, and its important because otherwise how are you going to know how important this country really is.” said Dorothy Boam, of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Teachers say learning about American history in junior high, is a good time to physically show students the price paid for that history

“It started in the 8th grade, is initially when that started because they learn about U.S. History at that time when they learn about the founding fathers, and they move on up to the civil war.” said Gene Smith, Dean Morgan Earth Science teacher.

This year the Patriot Guard Riders, a group started to protect families and veterans from West Burrow church members protesting at soldiers’ funerals, got involved helping the students put up the 2500 flags and poppies.

“It’s something that gives you a good feeling for doing something for your country even though I never served either.” said Brenda Sanders of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Sanders says it’s a reminder of what this holiday really means.

“The Memorial Day Weekend has become more about BBQ and picnics and in reality this is what memorial day is all about, is to come out here and remember these people who have given their lives for us.” said Sanders.