Students Construct a Life-Sized Foosball Court Using Geometry

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Casper students are taking a different spin on learning geometry and construction skills. Our Tony Cedrone finds out how they’re bringing what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations.

Roosevelt High School students experienced four different hands-on learning programs introduced by the Transitions Learning Center that they’re incorporating into their high school curriculum.

“My hope for kids, especially kids at Roosevelt High School is that they see that there’s a life beyond high school and there’s future in the work that they’re doing now is going to take them to the next place,” says Principal Shauna Trujillo.

One of the programs combined both math and construction to put student’s knowledge to the test by building a human-sized foosball table.

“Nobody asks why do we need to know this. You can see why we need to know it and today was a great example just trying to line up the size, the lengths of the boards,” says Transitions learning Center Math Teacher Dwight Burrows.

Sometimes, in a classroom, information goes in one ear and out the other. And students agree, concepts are easier to grasp when they’re used in real-life scenarios.

“It gives you the experience that you need instead of, well just, reading about it,” says Transitions sophomore Bryan Chambers.

“Classrooms are not my thing, so stuff like this where you can build what you’re learning about is amazing,” says Roosevelt HS senior Shay Richards.