Storm Alerts This Week Explained

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Casper -(KCWY) "Our number one goal is the protection of the citizens of Natrona County, bottom line,” said Stewart Anderson the Natrona County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Sirens have been sounding off across Natrona County this week, confusing some who wonder why sometimes they are alerted during a severe weather event and other times they are not.

"You never know which way the storm is going. The reason they set off the alarm for certain areas is because that's the area under the biggest threat. They don't set it off for a large area; they set it off for the area they think has the biggest potential to have damage,” said Jenny Curtiss News 13’s morning meteorologist.

"In the warning area we will try to set off as best we can the sirens that cover that area,” said Anderson.

Anderson says Tuesday night most county alarms were going off for a severe thunderstorm complex involving most of the county, whereas the tornado warning sirens Wednesday were isolated to western Natrona county and by the airport.

"The warning was never issued for the Evansville, the east Casper area, the south Casper area, Alcova, Midwest, Edgerton that’s why those sirens did not go off,” said Anderson.

In the cases of severe weather if you aren’t signed up for code red, which will send alerts to your phone, you can always tune in to News 13.

"We have our crawl that runs on the bottom of our screen so if we are in commercial break or in the middle of a show that will run it will tell you what to do in terms of finding a safe place to avoid the storm,” said Curtiss.

We will cut in to notify the public of breaking weather news. On average fewer than 10 tornadoes occur across the state each year, but it is important to be prepared when watches and warnings are posted.

"Our main function is, our main priority with any hazard is life safety, it comes over any property,” said Anderson.