Sterling Apartments Celebrates 1 Year of Providing Affordable Housing

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One year ago, a local hotel shut down, forcing long-term residents to leave the place they called home, but after new management took over, what's now The Sterling Hotel is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

When it comes to Casper's housing situation, Hotel Manager Jason Laird says the hotel is an affordable way for anyone in between homes.

"Housing is kind of crazy around here if people can't find housing. So we have 67 units and we've been basically 100%full for as long as I can remember."

Laird says he's been able to have such success with the new extended-stay hotel because of his hard-working staff...Including hotel refceptionist, Elli Rojas.

Elli Rojas says, "it makes me feel, not just that I work here, but that i'm a part, I live here, so it's like I'm a part of the family here."

The hotel's success over the past year isn't the only thing laird is happy about.

Laird says, "the most important thing that it's given me is to be able to spend the days with my daughter. And she's a year and a half now and i've only missed 10 or 12 days of her life."

Amy williams, Laird's wife says, "well she was here last year obviously, but we're going to have another one in December, so we're going to be very busy with all of those, but it's great."

Management says they contacted evicted residents from the previous business a year ago, and several of them were able to come back.