St. Baldrick's Shaves Heads to Fight Cancer

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The St. Baldrick's foundation is a volunteer driven charity that funds more grants in childhood cancer research than any other organization except the U.S. Government.
Dozens of volunteers, stepped up to give something most people wouldn't, all in the name of fighting cancer in children.

"Everybody knows somebody who's had cancer. But not everybody knows a child who's had cancer. A lot of us adults, by choice we bring on these things ourselves, but children don't." said coordinator Brian Sorensen.

This is the 5th year of the St. Baldrick's event in Casper and each year has brought success and many bald heads.

"So we set a goal for 40,000 and we've been here for an hour and a half and we've already raised 36,000 so we've added onto that already." said Sorensen.

Several children even stepped forward for the sake of other children. "It feels really good that I can actually raise money for kids who are really really sick.” said Jordan Sorensen.

"They don't make the kind of choices that us adults do that bring on some of the cancers and diseases we get as adults so most of them are just innocent and they're affected by it as well so we just want to do all that we can to help them." said Sorensen.