Southridge Elementary Opens

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CASPER, WY - Southridge Elementary school opened its doors this week and students are adjusting to their new home.

Students and staff took group photos this morning to commemorate the new building.

"They were just excited to be home. Especially like our fourth and fifth graders that actually attended at the old Southridge. They've been waiting for this move for 3 years. Just to get home and to see the new building, the size, the color schemes, just everything," said Southridge Office Manager Becky Land.

Located right next to their old building, the new Southridge Elementary is finished building after 4 years of construction.

"We really tried to emphasize flexibility and functionality we had programing in place but we were not able to execute it as effectively as we wanted to. The functionality was important and in the short 4 days we've been here we've discovered that we got a lot of things right," said Southridge Elementary Principal Rick Skatula.

Staff said the new facility isn't just for the students, but for the community too.

"Part of the property was the park and part was our existing playground and school site,” said Skatula. “We absorbed the park part of the property. With the understanding that we would continue, during non-school hours, to allow folks from the community to come and use the equipment and we're happy to do that.”

Administration said it's great to bring new activities inside the building to avoid old man winter.

"We have a science room for instance. We have a music facility that is now indoors, instead of out in a portable facility. Our art room as well is indoors rather than out in a portable facility," said Skatula.

The building has new state-of-the-art features to create the most adequate learning environment.

"We wanted to make sure it was technologically flexible as well,” said Skatula. “As technology changes we can adapt and we can use some of the new emerging technology for the benefit of our students and their learning."

The school's hours are 7:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.

Beyond those hours the grounds around the facility are open to the public.

The State of School Facilities Commission funded the new Southridge Elementary School project.