Some Hogadon Upgrades for New Season

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"Everything that I've experienced here in Casper has been first class this community does things well, and then there's Hogadon,” said Casper City Manager John Patterson.

Patterson says the ski area had been neglected for 30 years until now.

"The cities invested a lot of money in Hogadon. Hogadon's going to be here for generations to come, this city council is now committed to invest in Hogadon to bring it to the standard that it needs to be,” said Patterson.

Meeting this standard includes plans for a new ski patrol hut completed this winter, the start of a new maintenance building dependent on the upcoming one cent vote... And in two to three years a lodge which council members hope could create a year round business and more profit.

"There would be no maintenance building and there would be no lodge in anybody's future if the one cent fails,” said Patterson.

"There is a mixed bag of enthusiasm there's more enthusiasm for diversifying for more seasonal uses summertime use,” said Representative Gerald Gay of Natrona county.

This year the area will have a greater water resource from mucking out a nearby pond and they have also bought six new snow guns which Patterson says will blow out a dryer snow, but representative gay says the expansion of Hogadon is not the answer.

"When I learned to ski at Hogadon there were four runs and I don't know how many there are now it's probably in the order of twenty it's grown at a much faster rate than the city has,” said Gay.

"Typically in a community you find 8 to 9 percent that are skiers and so I would guess that’s where we are they are a very excited group when they see the improvements up at Hogadon,” said Patterson.

If you've already decided you'll be up at Hogadon this year early season passes went on sale today at a discounted rate at the Casper Recreation Center and if you want to renew your season pass from last year just log onto