Slow Firearm Sales Impact Wyoming

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Firearms sales are on the decline; down almost 8% compared to last year.

However, Casper gunshop owners say that trend is nothing new during the summer months.

Shawn Wagner of Rocky Mountain Discount Sports says, "gun sales are definitely down from what they were last year after the Newtown shootings and all the threats of legislation and everything, gun sales went crazy."

After the Newtown shootings, Wagner says gun sales weren't the only thing to go through the roof, but also ammo and reloading supplies.

When Casper shop owners saw a decrease, supply increased, leaving them with more guns in stock than they can handle.

"The supply caught up, it caught up fast as sales were dropping at the same time, so now everybody has too many of them. And that's why you see like our sale that we're doing on them right now."

When firearm sales decline, they decline fast.

Wagner says he has about 3 times the number of guns in the back than he has in the store... Because he simply couldn't cancel his order fast enough.

"Anything that came in went right back out the door immediately, but it did slow down. And then when it stopped, it stopped."

Another gun shop owner says the government is to blame for the slow gun sales.

Irvin Walker of Trigger's Gun Shop, "it's capitalism at it's best when things like that are created, but it's all for the wrong reasons."

Some people stocked up when the obama administration tried to pass a gun bill last year, restricting certain semi-automatic rifles.

Wagner says, "believe it or not, they would come in, and they weren't buying an AR rifle, they were buying them by the pair or more."

Wagner says he's already seeing an increase in hunting rifles because customers typically want to make sure everything is prepared before a new hunting season begins.

One Casper gun retailer says, despite the national trend of rifle sales... Handgun sales are currently climbing.