Sing The National Anthem For CNFR Contest

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The College National Finals Rodeo is holding it's 2nd Annual National Anthem Contest. People of all ages are eligible to participate.

The grand prize winner will have the chance to perform the National Anthem in front of the entire CNFR crowd. Not to mention, they will also receive two tickets to a performance during the event.

But most importantly, the contest is a way for people to show their patriotism.

Anna Rosburg, Marketing Director for CNFR says, "we're asking people to upload photos of themselves singing the National Anthem. And then we'll allow the public on our CNFR Facebook page to vote and select our winner for the week who will be singing our National Anthem."

The contest is getting more attention after last year's success.

"It went well and we had some great winners from it. So this year, we're looking for an even bigger group to submit."

Casper residents say the National Anthem has a deep meaning to them. Especially for those who served.

Gordon Kee, U.S. Navy Veteran says, "I joined the navy when I was 17 years old. I love the National Anthem before each Red Sox game at Fenway Park. It just, means a lot."

Ladawn Gleason, Casper resident says, "there's so much more meaning that it has for me."

Gleason is visiting from Fort Hood, TX and says the recent shooting on base is hard to deal with.

"When it happened in 2009, I was actually sitting on my back porch with my husband while he was on R&R when the shootings happened. Fort Hood and it's soldiers are our family. That will always be our home."

For a lot of people, the National Anthem contest is a way to express their Patriotism.

Rosburg says "it's exciting. It's a lot of work, but it's definitely important and it's a lot of fun."

Voting for the contest will begin April 21st and run until may 18th. The public is encouraged to visit the CNFR Facebook page to cast their votes.

Tickets go on sale for the event tomorrow at and on
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