Shots Fired Minutes Away from Casper College

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Police are hoping for some leads after gunshots awakened residents in a neighborhood near Casper College early this morning.

Police received multiple calls around 4am when residents near 14th and Beech St. heard several shots.

Officials found shell casings from a .9mm handgun on the scene.

Sgt. Lyle Berg of Casper Police Dept. says,"we find no bullet holes in the property, so we have no property damage. We have nobody that's hurt or in danger."

It wasn't until officers had already arrived when they heard more shots even closer to Casper College.

"We start heading off that direction. At that time, we're unsure whether or not the college is still in session because we're in the transition of schools being out."

And after an incident from about a year and a half ago where a student killed his father, his father's girlfriend and himself, police wanted to take extra precautions on the campus.

"To be on the safe side, we put the college into lockdown while we tried to sort out what was going on and where those other shots came from. And at that point, all we got was shots came from the west, we don't know exactly where."

A Dean Morgan Junior High fifth grade student says hearing gun shots that early in the morning came as a shock.

Bennett Mayer says, "I was surprised because I thought they would hav caught him already. So i just called 9-1-1 as immediately as I could."

As soon as Mayer heard gunshots, he took immediate action.

"I immediately got my phone, I ran upstairs, called 9-1-1, looked around and in the middle of the call, I heard eleven more shots and then after that, four more."

Sargent Berg says the gunman would most likely be facing a misdemeanor charge of firing within city limits.

Sargent Rich Brown of Casper Police Department is leading the case.