Settlement Checks Disbursed to Northern Arapahoe Tribal Members

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Registered Northern Arapahoe Tribal members received their U.S. settlement disbursement checks and many traveled to Riverton banks and local stores.

Some said they were looking into purchasing new items such as electronics or cars. Others planned to use the money for bills or invest.

“Sales are good,” said store manager Bruce Lofthus. “We noticed an increase in traffic this morning, probably late before noon.”

Lofthus said the sales doubled from the previous day and he believed it was due to the settlement.

A local car dealership owner said sales and calls were normal, but traffic on his lot to look at cars and test drive had increased.

Some waited in line for several hours at a local bank. One mother said she made an appointment at the bank to open a savings account for her children. Another man was at the bank to cash a check for his wife.

“She set up a special account and we are all happy to get the check to pay our bills,” said Patrick Hazelwood.

Law enforcement in the area was increased, but Hazelwood said everything were operating smoothly and he was not aware of any crime in the area.