Senate Medicaid Expansion Bill Doesn't Make it Out of Committee

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A bill that would have potentially expanded Medicaid to over 17,000 uninsured Wyomingites is considered dead today as it nears the deadline to be voted on.
“I think we have done a huge disservice to the citizens of Wyoming,” said Senator Bernadine Craft.
Senate file 118’s co-sponsor says the Medicaid expansion bill before a senate committee yesterday would have helped many suffering across the state.
“I have yet to hear one citizen of Wyoming oppose this legislation, that’s unheard of for me,” said Craft.
Citizens from across the state came to the capitol showing their support for the bill, a measure they said which would help them and the uninsured greatly.
“I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do for meeting my own medical care expense needs,” said David Young of Laramie.
“It’s very humiliating, I see people every day who are working low wage jobs who simply haven’t got the money for health insurance,” said Pastor Karen O’Malia of Cheyenne.
Supporters of the bill say they will continue to push legislators during the session to help those in need across the state.
One final push for Medicaid expansion could come Friday to incorporate senate file 118 into the budget bill.
“I have heard one argument and one only and that is that we do not trust the federal government to make do on its promises, we do not trust them to keep up their end of the bargain,” said Craft.
Senate labor committee chairman Scott says the support for the bill was just not there.
“I didn't see any point in taking a bill that probably doesn't have a chance to pass the Senate or the House down to the floor and spending a lot of time on a debate that would have killed a lot of other bills that do need to be passed,” said Senator Charles Scott of Natrona County.
For those who testified in support of the bill, they feel not voting on the bill would be a big mistake.
“Remember everyone has needs, and we all have a responsibility to help meet those needs,” said Pastor O’Malia.