Semper Sarah Talks to News 13 About Sexual Assault in the Military

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Casper -(KCWY) Just last fall, a bill to address sexual assault in the military and to change the way it is handled within the defense department failed narrowly in the US Senate, Sarah Plummer, a US marine, and military sexual trauma survivor at the center of the debate spoke with news 13 at a womens veterans conference in Casper and says the fight is not over.

"When you are raped by a fellow service officer it is like being raped by your brother and having your father or mother decides the case,” said Plummer.

Sarah Plummer, or Semper Sarah, as many know her, was thrust into the national spotlight just months ago advocating for change in the US military's handling of sexual assaults, the fight was narrowly lost on capitol hill, but it hasn't stopped her drive to motivate our nations women warriors.

"I am taking a deep dive on feeding yourself mind, body, and spirit,” she said.

Plummer, now a recognized author, speaker, and motivational coach has appeared across the media spectrum, and she hopes part of what she is doing continues to hold these defense community flaws in the forefront.

"Really all we are asking for there are truly impartial, unbiased legal proceedings, so just asking for the same rights that we have as normal citizens,” she said.

She says the injustice is not only happening in the military, but also on college campuses across the country.

"Those that have tried to report and had negative experiences I think it is very similar to when men and women in the military have reported sexual assault and things get covered up or people don't get prosecuted,” said Plummer.

It doesn't stop there. Plummer who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder has seen all the delays and tactics which VA hospitals are currently under fire for right now.

"I have had delay in care, I have been told to call back in a month to make an appointment and another month after that I would get it,” she said.

As her travels continue to take her across the country and around the world motivating women soldiers, you can expect her to continue speaking out about what she feels needs to change in this country, a country which she says is stronger because of our women warriors.

"You ultimately have the power to get beyond victim-hood and move beyond just barely surviving to thriving and living a passionate life,” said Plummer.

Plummer says she will continue to advocate for changes in the military and expects many senators on Capitol Hill to do so as well.