Search Continues for Boy in River

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The search for an 11 year old boy who went missing in the North Platte Monday afternoon continues. With a different focus now that so much time has passed.

Eleven-year-old Alex Cressy was swimming with his 8-year-old friend Monday in a shallow area on the edge of the river.
The current swept his friend out, and Alex, who was a good swimmer, didn't hesitate.

“My son was trying to save the other boy by pushing him out of the current but while he was pushing the boy out of the current he pushed himself into the current, and the current took him in.” said Mark Cressy, father of Alex.

Alex disappeared under the water... While his friend was swept downstream.

Mike Cridlebaugh and a friend quickly grabbed a raft and threw it in the river, paddling fast to reach the boy they could see not far away.

We basically steered a hard right and was able to intercept him before he got any closer to these rapids right here, so we got him in the boat and got him to the shore.” said Cridlebaugh.

The 8-year-old was taken to Wyoming Medical Center but the search for Alex continues. It's not a rescue mission anymore, but a recovery effort now, with more than 24-hours passing since his disappearance.

“I learned that my son gave his life for this boy, and it takes a lot for someone to do that, I'm proud of my son for that.” said Cressy.