School Supply Cost Goes Up

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Most schools are in session now and the price for school supplies is going up. In a recent study from NBC News, the cost of supplies averages around $100 per student, which is up 12% from last year.

“In Wyoming we're very fortunate that we, i think we're allocated from the state of Wyoming a very ample amount of funds, especially when you compare it to other states,” says Jade Morton, Gannett Peak Elementary School Principal.

Administrators at Gannett Peak Elementary School say they do anything to make sure their students have the supplies they need.

“We make sure the kids have the supplies they need no matter the situation, so yes parents spend a good amount of money on supplies but we also help provide the families as well,” says Morton.

“If we find out that a student has a supply, a pencil box, crayons, whatever it might be, we will make sure that we get those,” says Sue Lee, Gannett Peak Elementary School Social Worker.

The school sometimes provides other items for students.

“We also supply a lot of snow boots, snow pants, coats, mittens, gloves, for kids throughout the school year,” says Lee.

And it's not just the parents who pay high prices. Although teachers are given a budget, they frequently end up spending their own money.

“It's amazing how much teachers spend out of pocket for their classrooms, if they feel like their kids need it and they can't get it because of budget reasons then they will definitely just go out and buy it,” says Lee.

One thing administrators said is when they do need some help with school supplies, the community really steps up and helps them out.

“I think if we went to any of the stores in town and said, gosh our students need these supplies, i think we would get that help, lander's a great place,” says Lee.

School officials say teachers can request funds from the organization Parents in Education if they need supplies for a special project.

“They are nothing but supportive for us, if we have a need we can go and talk to them at their meetings and if they can help us they will,” says Lee.

School officials also say local churches hold school supply drives to help parents if they are struggling to purchase everything on their students list.