School District Wants to See Higher Graduation Rates

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Within the next week seniors from all over the state will be graduating high school but here in Natrona County one out of every four students don't graduate, and the school district says they want to see that number improve drastically in the next 5 years

It’s not satisfactory enough so the new goal is written to make it 85 percent in the next five years.

Paige Culver is about to graduate from Natrona County High School in a few days “It’s important just because not only to make my parents proud of me but that way I can go through life and I can actually accomplish something.”

And some wonder if it’s the parents responsibility or the students to make sure they graduate.

"It's my responsibility I think it’s more of mine than my parent." says sixth grader Josh Green is determined to be somebody who does.

And with the jobs in this economy, many say not graduating is not an option.

"To make it so that you can make a living, because I see it every day. I see a lot of people that could've used that education, could've used that knowledge to make it further." said Courtney Lawrence of Casper

"You get better paying jobs, without a high school diploma you have to settle for the lower paying jobs." said Andy Keldsen who didn't graduate high school and regrets that decision now.

Hopkins says, five years ago the graduation rate was in the upper 60’s, so it has improved. But for the school district's new strategic plan, improving the graduation rate is even more of a top priority.