School Board Meeting

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CASPER, WY - Natrona county school district officials want a bond to make improvements to pools and other facilities in

Monday night parents told them how they feel the money should be used.

Trustees are finishing a list of projects to spend the $33.3 million dollar bond on.

People were generally enthusiastic for the improvements.

"The bond that we're considering includes both academic elements and swimming pool elements,” said Natrona County School Board Chairman Dave Applegate.

Talk of a new Natrona county high school swimming pool brought residents to the school board meeting tonight.

"We just mostly hope we have a pool. Ours is being torn down this summer,” said NCHS Swimmer Marcus Holscher. “If we don’t have a new pool, if this bond doesn’t pass we won’t get a new pool. We just won’t have one at all."

"We'll have an opportunity to swim but it will just be an inconvenience swimming at the YMCA or the Kelly Walsh pool," said NCHS Swimmer Gavin Heady

It comes down to cost and how much you will pay out of your taxpayer pockets.

"It's not very expensive per household to do it. I think the community really understands that. It's less than 100 dollars a year to include all of this in the bond," said Casper resident Clark Jensen.

Not everyone was there tonight to discuss the pool. Some have personal ties to other issues.

Casper resident Bob Bolles said, "The track has not had a major renovation since it was built in the 1980s. I'm just urging them to reconsider and put it back on the bond issue and if it goes down, it goes down."

Although the pools would take nearly half of the money, trustees have other improvements in mind as well.

"We're looking at equipment for our center for advanced and professional studies. We're looking at safety and security improvements for our grade school and middle schools," said Applegate.

Ultimately, this year's ballot will determine if these parents' passion is enough to bring new facilities to Casper.

"My kids have been swimmers all through high school, and I support the program,” Jensen. “My youngest son is graduating this year. I don't have any more kids in the program but I believe in the program."

A state statute requires the school board to have two hearings if they are going to go forward with a bond issue.

This is the first meeting on the issue. The next will be on February 24th, 2014

The final election on the bond issue will be held on May 6th, 2014.