School Assessment Delayed

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Natrona County Schools are still waiting for the the homeland security assessment. District Officials are still awaiting the results a department of homeland security school safety assessment which took place last summer. Dr. Dean Braughton, the Director of Student Support Services says, "I always feel that we must do better, we can do better and we will. We haven't gotten [the assessment results] back, but obviously we're looking forward to getting that."

Braughton says getting the report back is important because once a year the schools are used as a public place for voting purposes. So, it's crucial to have security in place.

With the state of Wyoming's School Safety Task Force, Braughton hopes there will be more resources available.

Though the status of the report is still pending, parents are relatively comfortable when it comes to the security at their child's schools.

Braughton says when the assessment report is finally available, it's only a recommendation for their school's security and that there's actually no funding for the schools to update their current security strategy. Braughton says he will let us know as soon as the report is available.