Robin Mundell is Running for City Council

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Casper -(KCWY) "Id like to see more leadership to council and that we get back to doing the business of the city business," said Robin Mundell, candidate for Casper city council.

Mundell says its time in her life to give service back to Casper and she is ready to change the focus council has had recently.

"Any other citizen on the outside looking in I would really like my council to be not so distracted," said Mundell.

Mundell hopes if she is elected she can again bring citizens back into what being a city representative is all about.

"We really haven't had a true city council meeting in over a year now and it really is affecting our ability to make the decisions good or bad that a city council needs to make,” said Mayor of Casper Paul Meyer.

Councilman Keith Goodenough, who will not run for re-election in ward 1 says much of that distraction is well known.

"Of course the Craig Hedquist situation and the conflict between him and the manager and the rest of council has been consuming a lot of time and energy," said Goodenough.

Mundell says the time and energy needs to redirect to issues constituents talk to her about housing, potholes, and development. A development plan crafted in 2000 is the current blueprint for the city. She insists a new plan has to be created.

"I'm really hopeful that’s going to outline where we are going to go in the future because we are behind the curve right now," said Mundell.

Councilman Goodenough will not endorse anyone in the race yet, but says he hopes there are a wide range of choices.

"I believe that I will bring a lot of different perspectives that others might not have,” said Mundell.