Roadkill A Hazard of The Road and Nose

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Roadkill is expected in Wyoming, but the removal of carcasses from the street is a bit of a mystery. News 13 finds out how and when roadkill leaves the road.
Tory Cutrell, Casper Metro Animal Control, said, "When citizens see a deceased animal they can call Metro or Casper dispatch and we will get a call created and get an officer or dispatch out there to remove the animal."
Wait! Let's back up for a minute. Roadkill is there because a vehicle hit it. So shouldn't the driver who ran the animal over have to report it? Well in Wyoming yes, but only in extreme circumstances.
Detective John Hatcher of Casper Police Department said, "If you think you've done a thousand dollars or damage or more to your vehicle, law enforcement needs to be contacted."
So many times animals are left in the street for the rest of us motorists. Thankfully Metro removes even the most rancid road kill.
Cutrell said, "You know skunks are part of our culture here and we do remove those as well stink included."
Well i could only get this close to a dead skunk before i lost the ability to breath, so surely metro has some special tools to remove this guy.
Cutrell said, "We're not equipted that way as far as masks or suits or anything like that. It's more of a handling technique. Once they're deceased it's pretty common that they spray when they feel threatened they'll spray so of course they're going to deploy their air bags"
Cutrell says it's all a matter of just toughening up and getting it done.
Cutrell said, "It's just part of our job, we just kind of do it quickly and get them off the road."
And although it is part of the job; it is as big a part as some us driving past the skunk might hope.
Cutrell said, "A deceased animal for us is a pretty low priority call. We will get to it, but it's not as critical as an attack on a person or an animal on animal attack. Things like that take priority."
When it comes to roadkill Detective Hatcher says to treat it like other debris on the road. Try to avoid it if you can, but don't put yourself or other motorists in danger by doing so.