Road Work on Poplar Affects Local Businesses

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If you've been driving on poplar over by CY avenue; odds are you've re-routed and maybe not even found a way to get where you were going.
The work zone extends far beyond the construction in both directions and the traffic runs seemingly smoothly; unless you want to make a left turn. However, businesses along the road are the paying the price.
Mari Fochtman said, "I have not even gone into the poplar crossway now for probably two weeks."
Fotchman lives just a couple blocks away from the road work and she isn't the only one trying to avoid the intersection
Jack Stone, a resident engineer with wy-dot and in charge of the road work site said, "Everyone is concerned when construction comes."
Stone said even though the project is big and inconvenient; it's long over do.
Stone said, "I think in this case everybody knows that this intersection needed to be rebuilt. And so they're putting up with it."
But all that means is having to find ways around the busy street.
Fochtman said, "The main thing is you just want to avoid the poplar area. Go to one of the outer streets and cross over."
This may be more convenient for a commuter, but if they avoid Poplar, they are avoiding Poplar businesses.
While there is a detour to help people access the storefronts, businesses are saying they are still be affected by the road work."
Owner of Szechwan Restaurant Deanna Lai said, "It's a little bit hard to get in, and then business has slowed a little bit down."
Lai and her husband own and run szechwan restaurant and the road which would normally filter directly into their parking lot is blocked by a barricade of traffic cones. Stones urges that it's only temporary.
Stone said, "We're gonna try to get in and get out of there as quickly as possible."
Whether or not the work is done quickly, Fochtman says the inconvenience is worth it.
Fochtman said, "It definitely will i think eventually help, it's just going to be a pain until it's done."
A pain the local businesses can hopefully handle. The roadwork is scheduled to be completed october fifteenth... A deadline stone told me wy-dot plans on keeping.
If you do need to get to a store in the construction zone, wy-dot urges you to use the marked detours that run in the neighborhood behind the stores.