Riverton Skate Park

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Central Wyoming Skate Boarders Association in Riverton asked city officials for more money to build a new skate park and for a different location.

The group presented before city council members. Last year $40,000 was given to the group for improvements. Mayor Ron Warpness said they are very supportive of the group, but they are also trying to upgrade City Park.

“One of the contingencies, or strings that we attached to the $40,000 was that the skate park be built in City Park,” said Warpness. “Well the skate park isn’t sure that’s where they want it.”

The group presenters said the ground makes it difficult to skate. The members mentioned relocating the park to the front of City Park on Federal Hwy. and replacing the tennis courts, but not all council members were in support. The group also asked for another $40,000. The city administrator said the group hopes to raise about $270,000. The council did not vote, but the Mayor said “more funding will be a hard sell”.