Riverton Fire on East Fremont

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Riverton residents searched through ashes and debris for salvageable items, following Wednesday’s fire.

Investigators said they are still examining the cause of the fire, which destroyed a historical building and left about 10-12 without an apartment.

“We have our crying spells, get happy again and then re-start crying again,” said apartment resident Yvonne Hartman. “It’s an up and down emotional kind of thing.”

Firefighters were called to 520 East Fremont. The building was previously known as First Baptist Church, but recently was used for storage, and as an apartment complex. Firefighters said they extinguished a fire starting from a floor furnace at about 4:30 am. Assistant Fire Chief Scott Walters said he came back checked the building at about 8:30 am and then left.

“When we were there before it was a little dark out, so I just wanted to make sure everything was good to go,” said Walters. “I didn’t find nothing. Everything was cold.”

Walters said they were called for a fire at the same location at about 9:00 am. He said an estimate of the damages will be completed in 3-5 weeks. Hartman said they are staying with parents and people have reached out to them.