Retailers lay the Groundwork for the Jackalope Hunt

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CASPER, WY - Retailers are looking forward to the Wyoming lottery as they begin the process of preparing for the first big lotto sales day.

The goal of Wyoming lottery personnel is to have a maximum of four fifty to five hundred businesses selling tickets by august 24th and they are all quickly getting their stores ready.

"There’s an application process you have to go through. There’s an application you have to fill out to be approved for a vendor. Once you get approved then they'll come in and hook you up for the lottery," said Albertsons Manager Daniel Hittle.

Just in Casper more than 50 vendors are getting ready, including local gas stations, bars and grocery stores.

"We've just got the satellites so far and were getting ready to take the classes," said Exxon Good-2-Go Associate Ashley Wall.

"They've wired our store for the lottery machine to go in,” said Hittle. “The satellite system is going to be using. We'll have some training coming up on august the 15th.

In the next couple of weeks you can expect to see WyoLotto signs across the state for approved vendors.

"The training session that they're going to have will be for about five or six associates in my store and then they'll come back and train my associates so they'll know how to do the lottery," said Hittle.

Even with all the work to be done, people are still excited to finally have a convenient gambling opportunity.

"I do play the lottery,” said Hittle. “I play it in Colorado. I get one ticket for every drawing. So I spend two dollars on every drawing. It will be nice to just get it here instead of going somewhere else to get it."

"Yes it will be a lot easier because they can just stay here instead of having to travel," said Wall.

Make sure you know what you're getting into before buying your first ticket and check that the organization you're buying from is an approved vendor.

"You pick five numbers and then on the mega millions you pick five numbers in a mega-plier and then on the Powerball you pick five numbers in the Powerball," said Hittle.

Retailers are selected based on annual sales, foot traffic, city size and location.

Retailers are still in the early selection process and applications are still being accepted if you are interested.