Retail Stores Halt the Sale of China Made Pet Treats

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CASPER, WY - Complaints to the Food and Drug Administration causes PetSmart and Petco to remove all china-made dog and cat treats from their shelves.

Customers say the jerky treats sold by the companies may have made their pets sick.

Vets say to ask which treats would be a good choice for your pet and to report any unusual behavior to them.

"It’s hard to say what percentage of cats and dogs come in for GI, Gastro Intestinal problems. I do see a fair amount of problems. Vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss. So, I see a fair amount," said Veterinarian Dr. Richard Schwahn.
Dog treat experts say, besides the quality of the product, animals can have other reactions to it.

"I have seen dogs come in here that have had allergies to chicken, beef. I have seen dogs come in here with three sheets of allergies. We go though each individual one and we pick out the food that is going to work best for that individual dog," said Tails of the City Manager Stephanie Anderson.

Experts recommend examining what’s in the treats you are giving your pet.

"A jerky should be like a jerky for me or you. You shouldn’t have a ton of ingredients that you don’t understand in there. It should just be a dehydrated meat," said Anderson.

Veterinarians say to watch foods rich in fatty substances.

"High in fat, high in carbs, maybe salty. What I tend to see is people come in with their pets and their saying that, the infamous cat that vomits once a week on the floor. Their typically related to some rich canned food," said Dr. Schwahn.

With so many options to pick from, it can be a challenge to pick the right foods for your pooch.

"Well, how do you pick it out? Maybe stay away from something thats fatty or synthetic. Maybe if you are feeding a premium food go with that manufacturers line of snacks. That would be a good start," said Dr. Schwahn.

Vets say to check the packaging for the VHOC seal if you are looking for a goverment approved brand.

"The Veterinary Oral Health Council it’s a seal of approval or acceptance, that’s on some pet foods. When that’s there, that’s telling us that food has been tried and proven to reduce the amount of plaque an tarter on the teeth," said Dr. Schwahn.

Schwahn says to make sure you’re giving your pet the correct portions of treats and, if you use teeth cleaning chews, mix them in with your pet’s meal so they get a daily consistent dose.

Since 2007, the FDA received nearly 4,800 reports of pet illnesses possibly related to the china-made jerky treats.