Reporter Risks Life to Save Stranger's Dog

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Three dogs fell into the rushing icy North Platte River... But because of one man's heroic move one dog came out alive and Casper fire officials say its lucky two people didn't drown.

What started out as an unseasonably warm day at the dog park. Turned into a nightmare. News 13's Tony Cedrone and I were interviewing Julie Collins about her two Saint Benards, Remi and Steve

"They're brothers, they’re best friends, they love eachother to pieces.” Said Collins

Steve with only three legs was training to be a therapy dog.

"The first Saint Bernard went out, I guess for a drink of water, and fell in and then his brother Remi went out after him and he fell." said Tony.

The strong current almost immediately swept Steve under the ice.

"As soon as I saw that second dog fall through the ice. I made a move, and as soon as I jumped in, I felt the cold, and then I felt nothing, and the current was incredible strong but I managed to get Remi out.” Tony.

Tony lifted the 200 pound dog from the frigid water. But then knew he was in trouble when he realized the magnitude of the current and could feel the ice from underneath. "And that's when I went into panic mode and I had no choice but I had to get myself out."

Collins also jumped in to try to rescue Steve down shore. She was lucky to escape alive according to Casper firefighters. The trained professionals who didn't dare try rescuing a third dog that fell in an hour later.

“Even with the proper equipment you're taking a huge risk. With nothing, we're very lucky we're not going after two bodies right now." Said Casper Fire PIO, Craig Kidder.

“I started walking back to shore and I started thinking. What did I just do? and I’m probably going to get yelled at for what I just did, But I don't regret what I did.” said Tony.

On Tuesday night Tony and Remi reunited and Collins says Remi is doing well although misses his brother Steve. He's thankful for his hero.