Renner Sentenced to 60 Years to Life

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The 21-year-old Evansville man who pleaded guilty to killing a man outside a local bar will spend 60-years to life in prison. A packed and very emotional courtroom gathered Thursday for the sentencing of Samuel Renner.

More than a dozen victims spoke to the judge, including family of the victim, Todd Callies, whom Renner shot twice in the chest July 26th, 2013. The victim’s family members call the event selfish and stupid and asked the judge for the full penalty of the crime.

People also spoke on behalf of Renner, calling him a humble person and not your typical inmate. The defense called to the stand a witness under oath: Clinical Social Worker Damon Laird, who was also a witness in the Miller trial. Laird told the judge Renner suffered a concussion when he was beat up and because of that, mixed with a blood alcohol level of point two zero seven, Renner lost consciousness and because of his injuries didn’t know what was going on.

Renner, who has a history of substance abuse, said the night was very patchy, but he remembers firing the gun; he thought it had shot into the air. Renner then turned to Callies’ family and friends and gave them a tearful apology.

Renner is also sentenced for attempted murder, for holding a gun up to another man’s head that night, and nine other counts for attempting to assault people in the street outside the bar, as well as weapons charges.

Although, as part of a plea deal, those sentences will all run concurrently with his second-degree murder sentence and he must pay six thousand dollars in restitution.

Todd Callies’ Sister Debbie Stoneking says, "Statutes are statutes that’s the law and the judge did do what he felt needed to be done according to the law. So we're just looking forward to moving on."