Recreation Center Booms

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The city of Douglas is booming according to Mayor Bruce Jones, "This will just make one more step in that growth of Douglas which is growing right now with all the oil play and everything."

And so was Gillette when Campbell County decided to build their new recreation center with the one cent tax option in 2010.

“It is really busy. We have a large population who is active and a young population. Our sports are really big here. We have youth soccer going on right now which is more than 830 kids.” said Campbell County Recreation Center Program Coordinator, Adam Gibson.

Some have wondered if Converse County is making a good investment in what they envision as a one-of-a-kind recreation center in the state, and Campbell County officials say theirs continues to get a lot of use.

“Since 2010 we're averaging about 1400 a day.” said Gibson

The 190,000 square foot facility that is shared with the Campbell County School District, doesn't just benefit the people who use it -- it brings in business too.

“The school district hosts state track, and state tennis and we held two division one track meets this year and two division two track meets also.” said Gibson.

And converse county hopes it can do the same

“Instead of going to some other community to do it, why not right here.” said Jones.