Rattlesnake Encounters Expected to Increase as City Grows

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Casper- (KCWY) "This country here all around us use to be the outskirts of town which is now in the middle of town this is all previous habitat for them,” said Jerry Lewis the RKR Nuisance Animal Control owner.

Prime habitat for rattlesnakes. In south Casper around 50th street and Casper mountain road some homeowners are worried because since construction started just around the corner they have killed many rattlesnakes.

"I've had several calls, started out with the Bar Nunn area per say and then as they are growing to the south and I did a couple jobs behind Sutherlands,” said Lewis.

A game and fish herpetologist says numerous rattlesnakes so close to town is fairly surprising, but this is a time of the year to see them.

"During this time of year actually you start getting to where they are going to breed so they start looking for each other and picking up activity so you might encounter them more late July early August,” said Zack Walker a Herpetologist at Wyoming Game and Fish.

"As Fall approaches they will start going back to denning up and they'll migrate back to a den hole,” said Lewis.

If their den has been damaged or destroyed, especially because of construction they may just make a new home in cracks in your home or under your porch.

"The thing to keep in mind you know is they are not out there to hurt you they are just doing their thing. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone,” said Walker.

If rattlesnakes do become a problem and a concern you can kill them, but be aware a dead snake still contains a very alive punch of poisonous venom.

"If people want to keep the rattles and the skins, but if you decapitate it needs to be in a sealed container, tightly sealed container and disposed properly,” said Lewis.