Ranchers Show off Their Rodeo Skills at the Ranch Rodeo Finals

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“Its way more focused on real life activities, and these guys that come here are all people that actually work on ranches.”

It’s not their first rodeo, to them it’s just another day of working on the ranch, but this time, in an arena.

“They don't travel around on the rodeo circuit, they work the ranch and this is where they come and showcase those talents.” said Derek Grant, Public Relations Specialist of the Wyoming State Fair.

The Ranch Rodeo Finals is a collection of the best teams from around the state doing what they do best, ranching, but rodeo style.

“So there's for guys or girls for that matter they compete in events like wild cow milking, and saddle bronc riding, sorting, trailering, things like that, so it's all types of things that actually happen on the ranch.” said Grant.

Wild cow milking is one of the most popular events where one person tries to rope the cow the other three have to milk it all in a timely manner.

“Its growing each year and becoming more and more popular, and people are really having a good time.” said Grant.