Public Versus Private Land in the State

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"This is what the Cliven Bundy's of the world want you to think that this is all their land, but most of it is our land." said Rep. Gerald Gay,(R) Casper and Evansville.

And ranchers in Wyoming, like Nevada, have to lease that land from the federal government for livestock grazing.

"And they tell you how many livestock you're going to run up there." said Robert Hendry, Natrona County Commissioner and Rancher.

Though the leased federal and state land is still land the public can use.

"We like that, the oil and gas industry, the hunting public, they have the right to go out on public land." said Hendry.

Hendry says public versus private land hasn't been as big of an issue as recently in Nevada

"I hope that it doesn't happen in Wyoming, and I think that my fellow ranchers hope that it doesn't either and I think the BLM hope that it doesn't either." said Hendry

But he says the biggest issue with land in the state is with the environmental protection agency and its endangered species acts.

"If the sage grouse is listed that will have a detrimental effect on all land. Deeded land, weather we can have oil and gas development, weather we can run cattle out there." said Hendry

He says no matter the land, Wyoming has the right to help the its citizens

"We outta drill on it, we outta find minerals on it to help our citizens. at the same time we outta have livestock on it to feed out citizens.” said Hendry.