Primary Elections Just Over A Week Away

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Casper -(KCWY) "Wyomingites like to have their voices heard,” said Tracy Good the Natrona County Chief Deputy Clerk.

A steady stream of people have been filing in to vote absentee in next week's primary election and employees at the clerk's office say they expect it to continue to be busy.

"A lot of the people that come to vote here in the office absentee voting, early voting are people that are going to be out of town for business or the elderly especially in the November election they come in before the weather hits,” said Good.

"I'm voting today just because I anticipate that I'm running for ward one and I'm anticipating I will be busy on Election Day,” said Robin Mundell a candidate for Casper city council.

Mundell is concerned with some of the things she is hearing the public say about the primary election.

"Some people say well I'm not paying attention to the election until after the primary and the thing is that your local election is the most important voice that you have and you should vote in the primary because the primary sorts out the wheat from the chaff,” said Mundell.

"We have about 820 absentee ballots back in the office, it's been fairly light, but it's starting to get heavier throughout last week,” said Good.

Presidential years have historically been the busiest for polling places in Natrona County, as is usually the case around the country, but some say local elections are even more crucial.

"We are also electing our governor on these off years and it's important who represents us and who is in charge of our state and the business that we have,” said Mundell.

Even though voter turnout is expected to be light at the polls Mundell says disapproval with Casper city council may bring even more people out this year.

"If you are really dissatisfied now is your chance to say it. If you don't vote you don't have the right to gripe,” said Mundell.

You can absentee vote up until next Monday at 5 in the evening. If you are not a registered voter all you have to do is bring a photo id to the voting booth and polls will be open on Tuesday from 7a-m to 7p-m.