Possible New Service Offers Alcohol to Your Doorstep

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Casper residents may soon be able to order alcohol without even having to leave the comfort of their own home. A new company called Been Runr is looking to establish a delivery system to get alcohol from point A to point B. News 13 did contact the owners of the new alcohol service, who declined an interview; so all information regarding this story is from the press release they sent to News 13.

The idea of going to the store and picking up your alcohol may be a thing of the past, as a company is working on an app for that: Beer Runr is an on-demand alcohol delivery service, where customers can place a delivery order from a participating liquor store. Unlike a bar establishment or liquor store, Beer Runr does not need a liquor license as they’re not profiting off the beer, but rather the service they provide.

City Manager John Patterson says, "We've looked at our ordinances and it looks like it complies with all of our state and local ordinances."

They hope to cut down on the amount of DUI’s the city is seeing. Casper Police Department Interim Captain Steven Feel says, "Benefit wise, obviously it is going to keep people who have been drinking that maybe run out of alcohol and want to go get some more it will keep them off the road," while Patterson agrees. "From a public safety stand point it may work out because hopefully there will be less DUI's."

However, some feel it will do the exact opposite and provide more access to alcohol, therefore, causing more problems. Megan Zaharas with the Prevention Management Organization says, "With increasing access to alcohol there’s a potential that underage drinking could increase, especially when the alcohol is being brought to the home. The other thing to is binge drinking."

The service will charge a delivery fee; so it’s up to the consumer if they really want to pay it. "People have to keep in mind that there would be an additional service charge fee and someone may look at that and say why would I pay extra dollars when I can just drive myself. So there's no way to definitively say that it would in fact lower DUI's rates."

Many Local bar and liquor stores owners say they simply don’t like the idea. Poplar Wine and Spirits Owner Mike Reid says, "Giving it to someone else and hoping that they check the ID and those kinds of things. I understand the liability should transfer with them, but I don't know that for sure and I'm not willing to take the risk."

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