Popping Pills

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CASPER, WY - Americans are using more sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest.

That’s according to a new study by the journal Sleep.

Sleep doctors say insomnia treatments can vary and don't always require a sleeping aid.

Dimming lights, avoiding noises, watching TV or reading can all affect sleeping habits.

Daily stimulants like stress and noises are the leading cause of insomnia in most patients.

Wyoming Sleep Lab Director said Ammar Hussieno, in the last year, Americans have spent nearly a billion dollars on sleep aids.

"I think sometimes people are masking their disorders. So my advice always, if you need to take a sleeping regularly then it’s better to seek medical advice and see if there’s another medical issue to be treated," said Hussieno.

It’s advised to only go to bed when you are sleepy and if you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes get up.

Doctors say to be wary of over-the-counter medications especially if you have another medical condition.