Volunteers Help Cleanup the Platte River Trail System

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Casper -(KCWY) "It really touches a broad spectrum of people in the community and this is their opportunity to give back,” said Angela Emery the Platte River Trails Trust Executive Director.

Every spring volunteers dedicate one morning on the Platte River trail system to make sure it's clean for the thousands of people who bike, jog, and walk their dogs on it.

"There is a little channel, stream that flows through there right now that is so full of garbage that blows in,” said Butch Okes, a volunteer from Casper.

The goal is to have all of the garbage picked up. This year volunteers will add another job to the list to help out city workers.

"We are doing some limb removal and organizations so the city can come pick it up later on from the storm Atlas that happened last fall,” said Emery.

With the help of local businesses new mile markers are being installed.

"They want to give back to the community and sponsoring a mile marker and cleaning up is a way to do that,” said Emery.

With the popularity of the trail system Emery says the Platte River Trails Trust board has plans in the works, including creating a tunnel under Wyoming boulevard at 13th street and installing a trail along Robertson road.

"We have several projects on the drawing board, we anticipate applying for one cent monies, we hope the one cent tax is successful so we can continue to construct enhancements in the community,” said Emery.

Volunteers say for now they plan to do their part and enhance the trails, by getting it back to the pristine condition they all like to see it in.

"The cleanup does a marvelous job,” said Okes.