Plans for Casper International

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CASPER, WY - Airport officials say a strong year prompts expanding business for Casper International Airport.

A presentation by the Airport Manager Glenn Januska has Casper residents looking to new clouds on the horizon.

Employment is up and new hires are expected soon.

Crosswind Aviation school is also expecting an increase in trainees as pilots begin to retire.

Airport officials say they can't wait to see the growth begin.

“It sounds like occupancy at all of the airport facilities is 100% full. The employments are up. Their looking at new service to, for us and for the community," said Rotary Club Vice President Bill Degraeve

Casper's local airport does more than bring families together.

"It’s more than just where a mom and dad fly out for business so grandma flies in. With the business park and customs and the foreign trade zone, and the activity level of the airport. There are a lot of things that are going on," said Casper Airport Manager Glenn Januska.

"A lot of pilots are going to be retiring, because of their age. When we look at new pilot requirements there’s more training requirements for pilots coming in,” said Januska. “Over the next couple years there may be a pilot shortage. This is a great time for people to contact Crosswind Aviation and learn to fly."

Januska says there is still plenty of room for expansion in this small town airport and he wants to see new businesses take advantage of the property.

“The good news is we have the space available, we have good infrastructure for it. We're hoping to see some continued growth that way," said Januska.

And while they don't intend to buy more property for now, officials are planning an 8-million dollar upgrade to the airport.

Rotary Club members say airport growth is a sign of a growing community.

"I think that continues to be one of the restrictions that people feel with the airport that there’s not enough places to fly to from Casper. To know that there might be some new opportunities coming is pretty exciting,” said Degraeve

Januska says he is excited about the airport services and expanding every aspect of airport operations.