Pioneer Days in Casper Depict Life of Frontier Travelers

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The Pioneer Days started Saturday and as reenactors and the public alike gathered to give and take lessons on traveling along the Oregon trail. I found out you can't really learn about yesterday unless you felt like you were there.
High above the city of Casper at the National Historic Trails Center people are experiencing life in a simpler time; something musician Kim Merchant said you can't do without the right tunes.
Merchant said, "We especially love playing the music and bringing it, bring this to life."
From the music, to the churned butter, to the frontier style cooking everything is authentic.
Elder Petersen said, "100 years ago this is how people lived in America, this is how people lived out here in Casper.
Petersen, a reenactor from Martin's Cove said new technology which have made trades like blacksmithing obsolete, have also made Americans forget about the hardships endured by the generations before them.
Petersen said, "We don't really appreciate what our ancestors went through to make things as nice for us as they have."
Many travelers lost their lives moving west and those who didn't faced great adversity. Most of us don't think about this everyday; mainly because of our modern life style according to Petersen, but Merchant said that is exactly why they came here in the first place.
Merchant, "It's a great part of our history. Its the biggest largest unforced migration in the history of the world."
The pioneers trekked west for no reason other than the dreams and aspirations of a better life. We are evidence of their success. Merchant said that is most important message to spread.
Merchant said, "We just enjoy sharing the history, you know sharing what we know about it. And getting people kind of interested in learn how we settled this country. It's a great place to live."
A great place to live thanks to those travelers all that time ago.
If you didn't get a chance to go to the Pioneer Days you still have a chance Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm at the trails center.