Picnic Gives Public Chance to Chat with Political Candidates

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Casper city park was the place for Grillin', Chillin', and Politicin' and where community members could talk with candidates.

This is truly that one on one shaking hands and kissing babies type of rally.” said Gilda Lara, Exec. Director of Casper Chamber of Commerce.

They call it old fashioned politics

“Its an opportunity to get together to chat a little more about the upcoming primary.” said Lara.

No microphones, no speeches... Just some burgers, hot dogs, and chit chat.

“Lots of candidates are here from every office and there asked to say why should I vote for you, tell me a little bit more about what you'll do for me and for my business.” said Lara.

34 candidates from state and local offices were represented at the sold out picnic.

“This is the only venue that I’m aware of in the state of Wyoming, where you're actually able to come and meet and greet your legislative or city candidate and speak to them one on one.” said Lara.

But politicians weren't the only faces in the crowd, one cent tax supporters put on a straw poll to promote and raise money for their campaign, and the one cent itself is hoping for votes to serve another term for the community, After supporting community projects for 34 years...

“To work on infrastructure, replace water lines, sewer lines repave streets in the city. Probably 75 or 85 percent of 40 million dollars will collect in the next four years, will go to that.” said Tom Crull, One Cent Tax Supporter.