People Feed Pets Better Than Themselves

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A pet store owner in Washington state is eating nothing but pet food for 30 days to show the food is made of only natural ingredients. But should people really be eating pet food?
There's an all natural pet food store right here in Casper and when you look at the back label of the containers, you'd be surprised to find your pets might be eating better than you.
It turns out that in many cases pet food is full of nutrients. Nutrients many people don't get enough of each day.
Tail of the City Manager Stephanie Anderson said, "When you look at the back of these pet foods you're seeing all of those fruits and vegtables that you don't get on a normal basis."
The pet food at Tail of the City in Casper has no artificial elements in it and because it is all natural, the human body can actually benefit from it
Anderson said, "It's actually food that your body is gonna digest and use the nutrients from."
Now we aren't saying dog food is a way of life, but a local nutritionist says its better than a lot of the food people do eat.
Casper Nutritionist Oleta Thomas said, "They don't think about think much about what the consequences are, and so maybe they feed their pets better."
Better than the feed themselves. The healthiest option on McDonald's dollar menu, aside from the side salad, is 310 calories. So how does that stack up to dog food?
It will cost you about the same as a meal at McDonalds, but it's only 300 calories a can and it's all natural ingerients. And it's not bad.
Personally the dog food could've used a touch of pepper, but for less picky eaters when bark comes to bite, pet food is a plan if the worst should occur.
Anderson said, "If there was ever an apoccolypse my husband and I would be set for life, because we'd have all of this in here to eat off of."
Anderson says the companies that make most pet foods do test it on humans. If you want more nutrition facts about the food you feed your pets, Anderson reccomends dog food advisor