People Come From All Over North America for the Stage Stop Sled Dog Race

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People from all over North America are traveling to Jackson this week for the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. Race Director Dan Carter says, "We get competitors from all over North America we've even gotten competitors from different countries."

For nearly twenty-years people have flocked to the little town of Jackson, Wyoming for a chance to call themselves champions. Contestant Ryan Redington says, "I'm from Knik, Alaska a little over three thousand miles away." However, he isn’t the only one from Alaska. Willow, Alaska Contestant Bill Korawloer says, “They all tell us it' gets to 40 below here, but you couldn't prove it by me it's always about 28 to about 2. So piece of cake compared to home."

Racers from Alaska and even Canada make the long trek for the nine-day race that takes them on a scenic tour of western Wyoming.

"It's a little more difficult, it's 350 miles, there are a lot of mountains to climb to climb here and it's a more difficult race," Korawloer said. Defending Champion Aaron Peck agrees. "It is the number one stage race in the World really. It's the second most prestigious race next to Alaska's Iditarod."

However, for many the little town of eight-thousand isn’t there only stop, as they embark on the journey of competitive dog racing. "We'll go for about six or seven weeks in Canada before we go back home," Korawloer said.

Although, for many the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog race is one of the highlights of their season. "This is the best stage race in the world and best competition and we want to see how our dogs compare to the best dogs out there, the best racers," Redington said, while Peck agrees. "This race is our primary goal for the entire season."