Parking Around NCHS Construction

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Natrona County High School's parking situation has some parents and students puzzled.

In 2013, there were an estimated 780 juniors and seniors at NCHS, but this year... Only about 530 parking spaces are available.

Leaving more than 250 students searching for a parking spot.

Allison Edwards, a NCHS junior student says, "my mom called to ask what was going on about it and they said their solution was if you get there early enough, you can get a spot and if you not, then you don't get a spot."

Since parking is available on a first come, first serve basis... Some students even have to adjust their course schedules... Just to be able to park on school grounds.

Edwards says, "so I had to schedule an earlier class than when normal school starts, that way i could get a spot."

But, school administrators say students and parents shouldn't worry about the issue.

Dennis Bay, NCSD Exec. Director: "it's not as bad as what you think. Just because the east side of the campus looks pretty ostere, but the west side of the campus all the parking there, we tried very hard to get it up and running and as of last week, it is."

School district personnel are working with the city of Casper to accommodate for the lost parking spaces... Their solution? To allow restricted parking in areas surrounding n-c-h-s.

Bay: "the majority of the parking that is going to be south of, i believe it's 9th street, is going to be all student parking."

And with some students having to park off the NC school grounds and walk to school... Administrators ask everyone to be mindful while driving in school zones.

Allen Bruggman, communication specialist: "kids will be walking across places that maybe they weren't at other times. So maybe just exercise caution in those areas."