Parents Give Temporary Care to Less Fortunate Kids

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When a child is removed from his or her home because of abuse or neglect, the child is often placed into foster care if there is not another family member available, and being that foster parent takes a special kind of love.

Jodi Hubert says children are taken away from their home for several different reasons.
“Its abuse or neglect and those are both a wide range of categories, and sometimes it’s a very temporary thing or sometimes it can last months or years or even permanently”.

One misunderstanding with foster care is that it's about “taking” children. But Hubert says it's actually about “giving” a child love and nurturing when they can't get it from their biological parents.

“So the goal of foster care is to ultimately reunite children with their biological parents. if that is possible, if that is safe and if things are put into place where they are able to be good parents to these children.” Said Hubert/

But it's not always easy, Starla Kull and her husband have fostered more than 30 local children.
“We had a baby that we got from the hospital, a new born, that we had for just over a year. It was a very very hard day when she left us. but we were happy that she was going with an aunt and uncle that could love and care for her, because her biological mother was not able to have her back.” Said Kull

"It can be scary, it can be frustrating. But in the end you want a better life for these kids and actually for their parents as well." said Hubert.