Parade Floats in Casper Used to Raise Awareness

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It's parade day here in Casper and the streets of the city were packed. For a lot of people the event is just a day for fun, and no one can blame them. But for others participating, the parade is a chance for some exposure.
Almost no one enjoys a parade more than children and this one is very special for some youth from the Boys and Girls Club.
Nicole Arner, who works with kids at the Boys and Girls Club, said, "Kids ever single year just love it. It gives them a different view point to see it from. So instead of watching floats go by, they get to be on a float."
Arner says it isn't only a great experience for the kids, but it's good for the organization to be seen a little more.
Arner said, "It's a great cause just to be out here spreading the word so that they can see our kids and see that we do lots of stuff."
The Boys and Girls Club float isn't the only one with a cause. James Henderson's pink Camaro float is all about raising breast cancer awareness.
James Henderson, built a custom pink Camaro said, "This is our way to let them know they are not gone, and we support the fight that they are doing. It's very tough."
Getting cancer into the public eye is something Mrs. Wyoming supports and she made sure Henderson knew
2014 Mrs. Wyoming Priscilla Pruit said, "I told them that I just recently chopped my hair off to donate for cancer so I went from here to here, so I was like you're awesome."
She proves the pink Camaro is successful says Henderson, and he thinks she won't be the only one pleased with it.
Henderson said, "I hope to put some smiles on some faces. It's a tribute to them. It's a great tribute to the human spirit."
The Mrs. America hopeful says that is exactly what the parade is all about.
Pruitt said, "I thinks that's what makes it all worth while, is what you can do with the platform and the changes and differences you can make in people's lives."
Also in attendance was Casper City Manager John Patterson who said this was the most people he has ever seen at the parade. Patterson adds there is an entire team of people cleaning up after the parade to get the streets back to normal.