What To Expect at Parade Day 2014

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Many Casper residents are taking off from work tomorrow to celebrate the annual Fair and Rodeo parade.

Obviously tomorrow is planned to be a good time and to make sure of that, here are a few tips to help avoid a run-in with the law.

Angela Berry of Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo says, "you know, people kind of take the day off and make a whole celebration of it. So, it's always nice to kick off the Fair and Rodeo."

Casper officials will be keeping a watch on regular traffic laws, and they also posted 'no parking' signs along the parade route to help keep the streets clear.

Officials want to remind the public, vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense if they're parked illegally after 6am.

Berry says, "they just ask, if you see a 'no parking' sign just, you know, please don't park there. It just makes it easier because we want to get people to be able to be there and enjoy the parade. So you know, that's why we have the rules."

This year's theme is patriotic to say the least. "This year's theme is united we stand, so we wanted to honor our military. So, our parade Marshalls are actually all military either current or veterans."

Susan Thomas, Chair Member of Fair and Rodeo says, "one float, each branch of the military with their flags and the American flag and we are united in this community. And that's what we are trying to show."

And the most important thing is for everyone to stay safe.

Berry says, "so, we want to definitely make sure that everybody stays safe and keep the kids up, off, out of the street so they're, you know, they don't get hit."

Berry says they don't mind if candy is handed out, but they don't want to see squirt guns on the floats because some people just don't like to be squirted.

To avoid heat exhaustion, Casper officials suggest bringing water and to stay in the shade as often as possible.