Page Opportunity for Wyoming High School Students

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Wyoming high school students have a chance to live in Washington, DC and serve in the United States Senate as an official Senate Page working under Senator Mike Enzi.

A student from Lander Valley High School was accepted as a Page last summer. Montana Sannes said she had an amazing experience meeting other Pages and people from all over the country.

“It was absolutely amazing to actually be in the political realm and to be able to talk to people that had so much knowledge, to be around senators and people that had so much influence in the political world, and to really understand what their day to day tasks were,” said Sannes.

Sannes said Pages are paid and her duties included listening to senate debates in the senate chambers and running errands in the Capitol.

“Not a lot of people can actually say they sat on the Senate floor before,” said Sannes. “I know that there are a lot of staff members that actually work for the Senators that will never have that opportunity, so being able to have an all access pass to the capitol building was really really neat and was an awesome experience.”

Applications for the first summer session are due March 5.