One Cent Fund Survey Results Released

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Casper -(KCWY) Over 3,600 one cent surveys have been tabulated in Casper and Natrona county to gauge how government officials should spend one cent funds if residents decide to vote yes on the tax in November.

"If the one cent tax were to fail I think people's water rates would have to go up," said Keith Goodenough, a Casper city councilman.

Goodenough says this is possibly why one cent survey results showed Casper city residents biggest priority was water.

"As the year's go along clean water that is available to everybody is going to be more and more important," said Casper Mayor, Paul Meyer.

Four separate one cent fund surveys were sent out to residents in Casper, Natrona county, Bar Nunn, and Midwest, each survey results showing different priorities.

"I think the one cent votes should go to, I know they have been trying to get better facilities for the library," said William Burch, a Casper resident.

Bar Nunn, Casper, and Natrona county citizens all agreed fire and EMS is a high priority.

"They’re our first responders and it's important to have the funds available to be able to help us, they are there when we need them, we need to be there when they need us," said Michelle Howard, A Natrona county resident.

Some city residents were skeptical about how one cent funds are spent and plan to vote no.

"I think if the one cent did not pass as the years went along we would gradually see a reversal in some of the good tendencies that have come along since the one cent was initiated," said Mayor Meyer.

Casper surveys show the library at the bottom of residents priorities. Funding for museums and the arts gaining the least support.

"It's seen as an optional benefit, whereas public safety and human services ranked high, as well as senior center ranked high," said Goodenough.

Come November, city officials say this vote will be a determining factor to move Casper forward in the next four years.

"I like where our standard living in Casper, Wyoming and Natrona County and for it to continue to improve or very minimum stay the same, it's pretty critical," said Mayor Meyer.

Residents in the town of Midwest had a different top priority, snow removal, and those who took the survey from Bar Nunn say parks and recreational areas are most important to them.

The next one cent meeting will be at the Evansville town hall on February 19th at 5:30 in the evening.

You can also submit an online survey at